Private Repairs

If you decide to pay for the repairs yourself

Recycled body parts

You may consider used car parts as a cost-effective solution to restoring your vehicle. Not only could you save money and potentially avoid your car from being written off but you could also be doing your bit to improve the environment.

Find out how JFL Crash Repairs can help with your vehicle from being potentially written off and save you money and your no claims bonus.

SMART bodywork repairs for all cars and vans

Small scratches and dents can be really frustrating, but the cost of repair may be off-putting. SMART repairs allow small and medium areas of bodywork to be repaired much more cheaply. Because the cost of SMART repairs are often lower than insurance excesses, they are often paid for out of pocket rather than by making a claim. This means fewer claims on your policy, reducing your insurance costs in the longer term.

Find out how JFL Crash Repairs can help with your minor dings and scrapes.

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