1. I’ve been told I must use one of my insurance company’s approved repairers

Most insurance companies run an ‘approved repairer’ network and these systems work very well. We are approved for some of the leading insurance companies but not necessarily your own. However, please remember it is your car and you have the right to take it to the repairer of your choice.

2.  How long will my repair take?

This will depend on the severity of the damage to the vehicle. We can make an estimate of the time needed however sometimes when we strip a car further damage can be found and this would result in repair times being extended.

3.  Do you fit genuine manufacturers parts?

Yes, we ONLY fit genuine parts.

4. My Insurance company have said that as you are not on their list of approved repairers I am not entitled to a courtesy car?

We own all our courtesy cars and as long as you have a valid driving licence, we can provide you with a fully insured manual courtesy car. We do have to check your driving licence with DVLA before we release the vehicle. The procedure for doing this can be seen through this link https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence. Courtesy cars are for the duration of the repair only. This will be a link to a word document with instructions

5.  Do I need to pay for the Courtesy Car?

No, you will only need to pay for the fuel you have used and any penalties incurred whilst driving the vehicle.

6. What type of Courtesy Car will I get?

We only supply small MANUAL hatch backs, currently Skoda Fabias.(Nov 2021)

7. What if accident was not my fault?

If the damage to your car was not your fault and was caused by an identifiable third party you will be able to claim directly from the third party insurer. Make sure you get the third party’s name, address, contact details and vehicle registration details. We can then refer you to our working partner,  Kindertons who will manage the claim on your behalf whilst we repair the vehicle.

8.  My Insurer is asking for more than one estimate?

Only one estimate is required. We can provide an estimate and liaise directly with your insurance company on your behalf to gain authority for repairs.

9. My Insurer is asking me to pay the VAT element of my repair, why is this?

If your car is your company vehicle, registered in your company’s name and your company is VAT registered you are liable for payment of the VAT element of your repair. You can then claim this amount back via your next VAT return. This amount has to be paid on completion of the repairs directly to the repairer.

10. Who do I pay my excess to?

Your policy excess is paid to the repairer on collection/ delivery of your vehicle when the repairs have been completed. A receipt will be issued to you for this amount. You may be able to claim this back from the third party if the accident was not your fault, or if you use an accident management company, they may be able to claim this back for you on your behalf.

11. What happens if my insurance company decide my vehicle is uneconomical to repair (total loss)?

Your insurance company may decide to write off your vehicle if the damage is excessive compared to the pre accident value of the vehicle. The insurer will pay you an agreed amount and arrange salvage of the vehicle. If your vehicle is with the repairer you will need to arrange to collect any personal effects from the car.