Coronavirus (COVID-19) GUIDANCE

COVID-19 Update

Under  current (Dec 2021) government Covid guidelines our drivers/estimators will be wearing facemask for your own safety and we would kindly  request that you wear a mask  to protect our staff accordingly.

Additional measures have been  introduced to help prevent the spread of the corona virus and to protect customers and employees of JFL Crash Repairs. These measures include sanitisation of both your vehicle and courtesy car ( where we provide one) before and after repairs are completed. 23 touchpoints will be cleaned and sanitised. Please contact the office if you need further details of these touchpoints.

As encouraged by the government we offer weekly Covid testing for all our staff and promote social distancing within the work place. We have had special screens installed in our reception area plus we request that all visitors to this area wear a facemask.


All of our customer contact staff have been vaccinated against the Corona Virus.