Our instructions on taking car damage pictures

How to take expert photos of car damage

Instructions on taking car damage pictures

Follow our instructions on taking car damage pictures and we can provide you with a more exact car repair estimate.

You can get an estimate by using our easy to use get an estimate form or if you prefer to, please contact our JFL Crash Repairs team directly.

Confirming the Vehicle

Vehicle Identification Images

The Vehicle Identification (or Administration) images need to tell the story of the damage so it is important that they are presented in a clear and concise format that supports the repair assessment clearly defining the information that the engineer will require to assist him in agreeing the appropriate costs and value of the vehicle.  Often here, the issue can be that the images, poorly taken and presented, don’t provide enough evidence to support the labour task or time required to reinstate the vehicle.

Key to Vehicle Identification Images

  1. O/S/F Corner: Driver side front corner
  2. N/S/F Corner: Passenger side front corner
  3. N/S/R Corner: Driver side rear corner
  4. O/S/R Corner: Passenger side rear corner
  5. VIN: Vehicle Identity Number
The Repair Storyboard

Damage Support Images

The Damage Support Images are the story board of the repair.  They are there to broadcast the damage to the engineer and to support your repair specification.

The Damage Images play a very important role in the assessment process.  So clear concise images, ones that express the damage as an overview, and then individual supporting images, are key to maximising the desired outcomes from the effort that must be made in creating a damage assessment.

The Vehicle Context

Unrelated Damage Images

The Unrelated Damage Images are provided to show the inspecting / authorising Insurance engineer, how the vehicle has been treated during it’s working life.

These contextual images are as an important a piece of the jigsaw of assessing a damaged vehicle, as the administration and damage images are.