Q1 My insurance company have said that as you are not on their list of approved repairers I am not entitled to a loan car?


A1 We own all our loan cars and as long as you have a clean UK driving licence, we can provide you with a loan car. If you do have any driving convictions, it is imperative that you advise us before you receive the loan car.

Q2 My insurance company have said that I will not be insured for a loan car if I do not use one of their approved repairers?


A2 Our company insurance will cover you with fully comprehensive insurance whilst in our loan car.

Q3 So where’s the catch?


A3 There is no catch. You will pay for the the fuel you use, and as with most vehicle insurance there is an excess of either £250


(if you are over 25), or £500 (if you are 25 or under) should you have an accident in our loan car. You will also need to have had your licence for a full 12 months. However, should any damage done cost less to repair than the excess, then that is the only cost you will be liable for.


There is an option to take out an excess waiver at 10% of the relevant excess, (i.e. £25 or £50).

Loan cars are for the duration of your car repairs and should be made available to return to us within 24 hours of your car repairs being completed.

During that time we ask that it is only used for day to day journeys. Please advise us if you think you may need to use the car for anything other than this, such as a holiday